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Workshops and Readings

Every year, Underscore produces a series of workshops and readings of new musicals written by librettists and composers from all over the country. Some we are considering for our mainstage productions, others are destined for productions at other theatres, and for some, the future is a mystery. Our mission is to develop new musicals, not just to present them, so no matter where a show is headed, we bring professional actors, directors, and dramaturgs to the table to help make sure the performances match an author's vision, so they can best develop their work.
And the best part? Every workshop and reading performance is FREE!


Our workshops are two weeks long, and are set up similarly to the "previews" portion of a broadway show's run. Actors spend the first week learning their music and getting the show on its feet, scripts in-hand. For the second week, we have 3 performances, with time between each for writing and rehearsals. This way, authors can make changes to their script and score based on audience and artistic feedback, and have a chance to see those changes implemented immediately.
Each workshop performance is followed by an audience talk-back and a private feedback session with Underscore artistic staff, actors, and other artists.


Readings are a "first look" at a new musical, and a chance for librettists and composers to hear their full script and score in front of a live audience. Actors spend a week learning the music, have 1-2 full cast rehearsals with a director, and then it's on its feet! Actors perform from music stands, accompanied by a live band.


Readings and workshops are the first step in our New Musicals Pipeline. Whether you'd like to see your show on our mainstage, or whether you're just looking for a chance to develop your project, send it our way via the submissions page! Click the "submit" button below to learn more.
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