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Notes & Letters

Book, lyrics and music by Annabelle Revak

Directed by Whitney Rhodes

Music Direction by Robert Ollis

Produced by Underscore Theatre Company

Performances July 29, 31 and August 2 at 7pm at The Understudy

4609 N Clark St

Tickets are free! All we ask is you stay after the performance to answer questions, offer opinions and help the continued development of the musical. 

Notes and Letters follows Joe’s journey from war-torn Prague to Williams Piano Shop in Chicago 1917. He quickly befriends the owner Charlie, his girlfriend Nora, and composer Olivia. The foursome become inseparable- until WWI hits the US. Businesses, relationships, and lives are put to the test. Based on a true story and set to a jazz-contemporary score, four young people struggle to make choices amid complete chaos.

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